The Twenty20 World Cup Schedule

Kridaya has it up, and I’m so happy the tournament’s short, clocking in at 16 days between June 5–June 21. Notice also that the round robin stage is done like that. Each side plays each other once, then the top 8 teams proceed to the next stage. Get this nonsense over already!

My pick: Bangladesh. Go, green, go!

UPDATE: Speaking of possible upsets, did anyone else notice how the tournament is organized so both Pakistan and India will proceed only if they beat their 2007 World Cup nemeses? The top two teams of each group are selected. Group A has India, Bangladesh, Ireland, and Group B has England, Netherlands, and Pakistan. Unfairly, Group C has no minnows in it, while Group D has Scotland.

Sure, Twenty20 is no ODI, but what a better way to show India’s “young” strategy has worked some wonders since 2007?


6 thoughts on “The Twenty20 World Cup Schedule

  1. Q says:

    Only India.. they have to play their WC07 nemesis.. not Pakistan..

  2. Sadiq says:

    India will surely lose this time ……. they will probably be out of this in the super eights…… Just wait and see dude!

  3. Sadiq says:

    Pakistan Zindabad ! Pakistan is going to rock…… and win this T20 world cup. Hey England ! the Champs have come to make everyone surrender so lookout ! esp. INDIA….

  4. Usman says:

    A.A. Insha Allah Pakistan will must won. And India will lose. This is my pray and confidence of our players.

    • DEOL HACKER says:

      HEY LOLS.yyyyyyyyyyyy u jealousing.from india.wait & see india must win this time.& u all have cry like 2007 worldcup.hey u also have to be remember that win wich pakistan gets from india in final.

  5. PAKDIA says:

    perhaps india will get into the semi-final…..but pakistam could be out in group stages……pakistan team really ….. this time and i am pakistani not indian…….i hope pakistan wins but pakistan team is playing very very bad….even bangladesh is playing better then pakistan this team….every team is playing beter than pakistan expect scotland lol……….well i hope pakistan wins.

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