Did Indian Players Fail The ‘Indian’ Premier League?

Now that the IPL circus is over, we can look at which players performed (and earned their price-tags), and which didn’t.

First off, I think Uncle J Rod was correct about Rahul Dravid, ex-captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Over $1 million earned and he produced 271 runs at an average of 22.58. His silly parting shot in the final — an attempted flick off the legs, even though fine-leg was near — helped his team lose an eminently winnable match.

Second: I understand why V.V.S. Laxman was overlooked (5 matches, for 19 runs), but why didn’t anyone throw Glen McGrath a ball? Surely, at $350,000, he deserved to prove his worth?

Third: is it true that teams with South Africans and Australians did better than the Indians? And did the Indian players show their skills, or did foreign players own them?

This is a tough one, and requires a more in-depth analysis than I’m interested in doing (hint, hint, Kridaya). A cursory glance, however, isn’t promising for the Indian contingent: only 3 Indians appear in the top 10 batsmen (#4, Suresh Raina; #9 Sachin Tendulkar; #10 Rohit Sharma), while the rest are mostly South Africans and Australian (Sri Lankan T.M. Dilshan being the sole exception).

The bowling side is better: the top 10 is littered with Indians, from fast bowlers (#1 R.P. Singh, with 16 wickets) to spinners (#3 ol’ Anil Kumble; #4 Pragyan Ohja).

Any conclusions? The usual ones: Indians can’t bat in South Africa, but the Indian Twenty20 side is still the one to beat this year.


One thought on “Did Indian Players Fail The ‘Indian’ Premier League?

  1. Krishna says:

    Gotta do that. I have recorded the scorecards of all the matches. But have to do some programming to get to the juicy individual statistics.

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