Cricket Blogs, Around the World

I was up late last night, trying to lure the final crash of the IPL wave to my humble blog, when I thought about time zones and cricket. Growing up in India — smack in the middle of the cricket world — I recalled many times when I had to wake up early (or stay up late) to catch a Test match (or at least the opening session!). It was always a fun exercise, like a stealth mission with very strict objectives: 1) Do not wake up family! 2) Turn down the TV volume as soon as you see it turn on! 3) Try to enjoy the commentary as much within this framework.

Anyhow, now that I’m in the United States (and living alone), waking up early is par for the course, unless the West Indies is involved in a home series. England’s only about 5 hours ahead, but don’t get me started about South Asia or Australia. I might as well give up any hope of seeing anything more than the 10-minute video highlights that quickly crop up on the net.

But then there’s the cricket blog world, which always turns itself around to produce a fresh cup of commentary for my mornings. The Australians — Uncle J Rod and Amy Talks Cricket (yes?) — are a day ahead of me; the South Asians Kridaya (?), Well-Pitched, Achettup — half a day beyond me, and finally, the English — The Guardian, The Corridor, Line and Length, The Old Batsman. Now, please, just wait for Samir and I to chirp in from New York, ok? (Apologies if I’ve misplaced anyone.)

UPDATE: I stupidly misplaced everyone. Well-Pitched is in U.A.E. (and elsewhere); Kridaya is in New Hampshire; Achettup may be in San Francisco; Uncle J Rod is in London. A bigger smattering of time zones than I thought. Apologies.


11 thoughts on “Cricket Blogs, Around the World

  1. Q says:

    cheers sir!

    Your chirps are most appreciated.. even if they r half or a full say later 😉

  2. Q says:

    day later I meant..

  3. Krishna says:

    Although I originally come from South India, I am currently in Londonderry, NH. The other authors are in MA & CT. I might be a couple of degrees east of you, longitude wise. 🙂

    I believe Achettup (Antony Chettupuzha, Kerala) actually lives in San Francisco.

    Well Pitched seems to have Pakistani authors and I think is based in UAE – Q can possibly correct that.

    Didn’t know you were in New York (NYC?)

  4. Q says:

    Yeah I think Achettup is in SF.

    Well Pitched has all Pakistani authors but none of us are actually based in Pakistan.

    I’m in the UAE, which is still half a day beyond you, while the other 3 (Sledge, Obaid, Nazhar) who write a lot less are all in North America 🙂

  5. duckingbeamers says:

    Wow. That’ll teach me to assume! So who are the best bloggers actually based in India? And how on earth do you keep up with domestic Pakistani cricket so well, Q?

    And yeah, Kridaya, I’m near New York City. Londonderry sounds wonderful, though.

  6. Q says:

    Naked Cricket, Straight Points, Som, actually most of the lot at BCC! is based in India. Apart from Homer, who is in the US too.

    As for me following domestic cricket in Pakistan – I’ve got lots of friends back in Pak (hear from them), plus we get Pakistani TV channels here in the UAE, so I’m always in sync with what goes down in the country, especially with the cricket.

  7. Jrod says:

    Sorry, I’m based in London.

  8. Amy says:

    Well, you did get a few of them right, including me. I do travel quite a bit for work but a few hours difference isn’t all that great.

  9. Homer says:

    I am right next door DB.. Which leads to the obvious question – why not a blogger meet for the denizens of the MA/CT/RI/NY/NJ area?


  10. […] it’s still a bizarre mechanism to me, drawing close together a band of strangers.  For a good stretch of time, I couldn’t write a single post without linking to Amy S., whose humor […]

  11. Maryjo Tanis says:

    I’m a big fan of Amy Atlas! Her desserts are absolute perfection! I had not seen this 1 yet, but I LOVE it! She featured my lollipop invitations on her blog a few months ago, and I couldn’t have been more flattered!

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