Reactions To Australia’s 2009 Ashes Squad

Australia’s Ashes squad has been selected. Seems fair to say most commenters are underwhelmed. Uncle J Rod thinks seven batsmen should have been included and no spinners (thank you very much, Nathan Hauritz); Cricinfo’s Christian Ryan thinks Andrew “Um” Hilditch is crazyAmy S. can’t stop making fun of Andrew McDonald (though she’s satisfied overall); Good Cricket Wicket notes the lack of English experience among the team, and Mike Selvey of The Guardian offers this cryptic note:

Ponting’s team looks to be a good one but it carries no aura. Be honest about it for a second: cut away the hype and there is little physical or technical beyond the normal with which England, on their game, should not be able to cope. Which leaves the mind games. Steve Waugh’s “mental disintegration” was part of his process, if not to everyone’s taste, but there were exceptional players to back it up. This team will be feisty – that is their nature – but they will have to tread more warily.

I don’t know what makes a cricket team a good one, so I’ll simply end this post after two questions: who the hell is Marcus North? And do people really think Andrew Symonds is done in Test cricket?

2 thoughts on “Reactions To Australia’s 2009 Ashes Squad

  1. bk says:

    marcus north is a middle order batsman who recently on tour of south africa scored a century on his test debut against a quality bowling attack. but those who know only about m.prior should not make nasty comments about others

  2. […] still a bizarre mechanism to me, drawing close together a band of strangers.  For a good stretch of time, I couldn’t write a single post without linking to Amy S., whose humor absolutely floored me. […]

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