Mitchell Johnson V. Stuart Broad

Lots of talk about Stuart Broad recently, after the roughing he gave poor Ramnaresh Sarwan. I’m not sure, however, he’s the finished product some say he is; I suspect most of the praise comes from people who refuse to believe a person as cherubic and youthful as Broad can actually bowl fast and menacingly. 

But this is game that involves two teams, and Broad has to be put into context — that is, the Ashes season. Perhaps it’s unfair to compare Broad with Mitchell Johnson since they’re different types of bowlers (Johnson more swing and sheer pace; Broad more accurate and needling), but they will likely share the new ball this summer for their respective teams. They’re also at roughly similar places in their careers — Broad’s played 17 Tests; Johnson 21

And what does a quick look at the stats tell us? Both can bat, with averages over 30. But Johnson can bowl much, much better: his bowling average is in the high 20s; Broad’s is in the high 30s. Johnson has taken nearly twice as many wickets as Broad has and, most crucially, Johnson is a strike bowler. He has 8 four-wicket hauls, Broad has none. 

At this point, there’s little England can do. Anderson, Broad, Flintoff and Onions/Bresnan will have to carry the weight. But the other side’s packing some heat. (Or am I being unfair to beautiful Broad?)


2 thoughts on “Mitchell Johnson V. Stuart Broad

  1. I think Broad’s bowling average does not tell the full story – at the end of last summer it was in the high 40s. Give him a few more matches and it may well be similar to that of Johnson.

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