Australia’s 2009 Ashes Team

Uncle J Rod makes the case that the current Australiam teamsans Hayden, Gilchrist, Langer, McGrath and Warne — is still likely to win the 2009 Ashes. Fighting words:

Peter Siddle has taken 20 wickets at 19 this year.

Australia don’t need to pick 5 bowlers to win the Ashes, they just beat a better team with 3 bowlers and Andrew McDonald.

Simon Katich, and not Phil Hughes or Ricky Ponting, is the wicket England need.

Beat Mitchell Johnson, win the ashes.

Very true. As I said before, Johnson and Hughes scare me, but I hadn’t even thought of Simon Katich. On the other hand, the relative novelty of both teams makes this Ashes a more exciting prospect, no? I’m sure Australia will go on and win, but there’s a fair amount of suspense involved, JRod’s deserved confidence notwithstanding.


One thought on “Australia’s 2009 Ashes Team

  1. Jrod says:

    It isn’t confidence. I think I need to edit that post, What I was trying to do was educate the sky team who keep making incorrect statements. Australia should be favourites, but it shits me that the sky commentary team seem to have no idea how the Australian team is made up these days. Bumble keeps saying, this is the best time to play Australia. No, the best time to play them was 6 months ago, they have evolved now. Croft says that Australia need 5 bowlers or they can’t win, well they just beat South Africa with 3. And all this stuff about Phil Hughes. Australia’s best two batsman for the last year are Simon Katich and Michael Clarke. All that sort of crap. If you are going to give expert comments, at least do some research. And for that matter Greg Blewett should be castrated for all the misinformation he has given on the Australian domestic players in the IPL.

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