The West Indies-England Test Series Is Utterly Useless

I think Chris Gayle has every right to be as crabby as he’s been lately. Just a month or two after his team improbably wins against England and regains the Wisden Trophy after God-knows-how-long, the WICB picks another fight with the players and then arranges a series “defense” during a cold, bitter English summer. Who’s ever heard of having to secure a trophy just after it was won? 

And what does England get out of beating a sorely undercooked and inexperienced West Indies team? Sure, I’m happy Jimmy Anderson can knock some stumps around, or that Paul Collingwood can hit a half-century, but precisely because this appears so easy, it also seems completely useless. Call it the minnows paradox: if the result is as one-sided and as unforgiving, then it’s because the other side’s just bad, and not because you’re that good. And if that’s the case, then what can be learned or gained? Why not knock a ball around in the nets instead?

I don’t know. I’m just scared as hell of Phil Hughes and Mitchell Johnson, and I just don’t think England’s batsmen know what’s going to hit them this July. But hey — who needs the Ashes when you have the Wisden?


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