Tishani Doshi’s Plagiarism

Kridaya has done some great legwork to expose Cricinfo blogger Tishani Doshi’s fishy acquaintance with SparkNotes and Penguin Classics briefs. It’s sad because I actually like Doshi’s stuff, even if I’ve occasionally disagreed with her. I imagine it’s not easy to write thought-provoking blog posts every other day (believe me, I’ve tried), but there’s no reason she should try this hard.


One thought on “Tishani Doshi’s Plagiarism

  1. Upal deb says:

    I am surprised that Tishani being targeted for an alleged plagiarism.An author is a lover of ideas and words.What many call plagiarism is actually an expression of reverence for writers/poets who thought out ideas for posterity and for a creative fulfillment.Tishani no doubt is one of our most promising poets.Egg her on…She is sure to produce her best.Sparks I can easily find in her writings.The Tishani-baiters must know…there is nothing original in us,except the Original Sin.The words I use is a plagiarised statement…But I don’t know anything better to silence critics of Tishani…I feel critics will leave me alone.For I still read the English poet who wrote these words,though he died uncanonized.

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