One IPL Feature I Like: That Trumpet Sound

That trumpet sound that rings once in a while to drum up the stadium audience, which always responds with a cheer, no matter how many times they’ve heard it. Good stuff. Where did those three notes come from anyway?

17 thoughts on “One IPL Feature I Like: That Trumpet Sound

  1. Steve E says:

    I count 5 different notes – agreed, great stuff. I have read that it is a DJ, however one game there were distinctly several variations being played which made me feel that it was an actual trumpeter playing the riff… no doubt it all could be a recording

  2. R2k says:

    Can any1 find out where the trumpet sound has been taken from?

  3. Sonia says:

    It’s the first three notes of the Theme song of The Rugby World Cup 1995 which Soth Africa won 🙂

  4. KV says:

    its a song called Ole – by john revox. !

    thats the sound & thats the trumpet ur looking for !!


  5. Jaskaran Singh Chimni says:

    great man
    u guys rock i downloaded it…..


  6. Maithreyi says:

    Absolutely! I love-adore that trumpet sound.

  7. saravanan says:

    ya i like this sound the players also likes we can cheer up the players by the trumpet sound by saravanan,chennai

  8. karim says:

    atlast my 3 day search 4 d trumpet sound has ended tnx 2 kv!!!!

  9. Abhishek says:

    Hey Brothers, I have dat sound, jus giv me ur email address i ll email uoo!!

    • Mitesh says:

      Kindly mail me that trumpet sound at miteshpuri29@yahoo. . I am desperately searching for it since last 2 days…

  10. Its the Rugby World Cup theme from 1995 I believe.

  11. matthew says:

    has a nice portion here wher eyou can cut out on youtube.. try it i guess

  12. Daiyaan Ahmed says:

    Thanks!At last i found out that the ipl trumpet was taken from an 1995 rugby world cup.

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