Johan Botha Cleared, Kind Of

I don’t know what to make of this. Cricinfo reports Botha’s doosra has been deemed illegal, but his other deliveries — the arm ball and off-spinner — are within the 15 degree limit. That makes enough sense initially, until this part:

Though happy to abide by the decision preventing him from bowling the doosra, Botha said he was still unsure as to the circumstances in which he was reported in the first place. He insisted he did not bowl the doosra in the Port Elizabeth match against Australia, and only once in the previous ODI in Cape Town.

“It has worked out like this now, so I have to carry on with what I have,” he said. “That’s fine. I haven’t really used it much in the last year. I didn’t bowl it at all in the game they called me.”

So what’s an umpire to do? If a ball somehow turns the other way, does he have to check with Botha, or perhaps the wicketkeeper, to confirm if it was in fact the doosra?


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