Sreesanth Sends Off Matthew Hayden

During the match against the Chennai Super Kings, Sreesanth apparently couldn’t resist a little confrontation with Matthew Hayden, who just hit the poor guy for successive boundaries. From Cricinfo:

16.6 Sreesanth to Hayden, OUT, caught! Hayden walks down the track and smashes the ball high, it;s really high but this time it hasn’t gone far, Jayawardene settles under it at long-on and holds on to a well-judged catch, Sreesanth gives Hayden a small send off but he’s copped a fearful hammering in the over

Homer defends Sreesanth (or, rather, criticizes commentators’ double standards); Prafs criticizes him. I’m on Prafs’ side, if only because I think Sreesanth is slightly insane (and not in the good-fast-bowler-insanity way).


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