Latest Graham Onions Puns

Yes, his last name really is Onions, and in case you didn’t know, here are the latest puns from cricket media outlets:

1. “Onions peels through West Indies,” Cricinfo. (SoulLBW takes issue with this headline.)

2. “Onions makes Windies weep,” Andrew Miller, Cricinfo.

3. “Onions really cuts the mustard,” Vic Marks, The Guardian.

4. “String of Onions,” The Sun (with hilarious picture).


3 thoughts on “Latest Graham Onions Puns

  1. […] a comment » Cricket With Balls has a better list of Graham Onions puns than I did, and the Guardian has an article about it (H/T […]

  2. John P-G says:

    Onions bahjis through the Aussies

    England relish Onions, he’s mustard….

    England spring Onions on the Aussies

    Aussie batsmen unable to slice (or cut) Onions

    Onions sets the standard

    Onions seed doubts in Aussie batsmen

    Aussie batsmen are tripe against Onions

    Aussies make meal of Onions

    Cook with Onions – they make Aussies stew….

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