Ravi Bopara Changes Century Celebrations

Ravi Bopara refuses to celebrate his centuries the traditional way. When he struck a century in Barbados earlier this year, he celebrated like Usain Bolt, using the Jamaican sprinter’s trademark head-pat and thunderbolt pose. After Ramnaresh Sarwan followed him, Bopara decided he needed something new (he was busy thinking this while still on 95*, apparently. Can you say ‘hubris’?). From Cricinfo:

This time he chalked out an imaginary honours board, and motioned to the dressing-room that they should get scribbling.

“I actually thought of it when I was on about 95,” said Bopara. “I wanted to do my Usain Bolt impression but [Ramnaresh] Sarwan has stolen that, I think he owns it now. So I thought what else can I do, so I signalled to the honours board, ‘get me up there’.”

Here’s what it looked like:

Well, to each his own. I noted earlier how much I love bowlers’ celebrations, so I can’t deny batsmen their own due. Then again, I’ve always been a softy for the muted slanted bat, which seems more humble and appropriate. But you decide. This is Sarwan’s celebration:

One thought on “Ravi Bopara Changes Century Celebrations

  1. Amy says:

    The Usain Bolt impression was the best part of the WI tour.

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