Does Kevin Pietersen Still Miss His Wife?

Via Amy S., a picture of two White Mischief cheerleaders lounging with Kevin Pietersen and Jacques Kallis: 

Amy takes Kallis to task (as always) for the ridiculous look on his face. That’s fair, but I’m more interested in Pietersen’s ridiculous V-neck-line. Silly Europeans!

Rebecca Lee, the cheerleader who posted this picture on her IPL blog, said Jesse Ryder and Pietersen have “quizzed” her extensively on cricket of late, and she passed with “flying colors.” Cricket-flirting, guys? Do you really think that’s going to make you miss Jessica Taylor less, Kevin?


One thought on “Does Kevin Pietersen Still Miss His Wife?

  1. […] Kevin Pietersen in particular was uncharacteristically anonymous last week, and will be keen to get back into form before the Aussies arrive. The arrival of Bopara as England’s newest saviour (which may have temporarily usurped KP from his usual role as big-hitter and headline-grabber), and a difficult winter when the latter’s commitment to England came into question on more than one< occasion/a>, mean that England’s former captain and foremost Aussie-baite… […]

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