Umpire Referral Fouls Another Decision

Rajasthan Royals up against Chennai Super Kings. They neededd 99 runs from 54 balls (so, looks like they’re going to lose). Then this happens:

Balaji to Jadeja, 1 run, Jadeja chases a really poor delivery – short and really wide outside off – and the outside edge flies thick and fast, Parthiv dives and claims the catch and Jadeja stands his ground, the third umpire gives the batsman the benefit of the doubt, it looked clean at first but the replay may have suggested something else

Right, except everybody thought the catch was clean, including the commentators who had the benefit of a slow-mo replay. Mark Nicholas then noted studies that have shown how additional camera angles serve only to obfuscate than clarify, and we’ve seen this again and again with catches. Those who say technology will cleanly arbitrate cricket are not being realistic, and I’m not saying that because I’m a traditionalist.

3 thoughts on “Umpire Referral Fouls Another Decision

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