Tim Bresnan And Graham Onions Are Not Real People

The Telegraph‘s diligent reporting aside, I refuse to believe Tim Bresnan and Graham Onions actually exist. A few months away from the supposedly biggest Test series in the white cricket world, and the English selectors choose two complete unknowns, who don’t even have YouTube clips to their name (the ultimate proof, I tell you)?

Good Cricket Wicket has some positive things to say about the team, and Uncle J Rod likes Onions’ skiddish bowling, but I’m very worried. Shouldn’t this team be settled already? Why has it taken so long? Who knows — perhaps these bowlers will live up to their names, or provide a momentary blitz, as Ryan Sidebottom did before he also tapered out.

2 thoughts on “Tim Bresnan And Graham Onions Are Not Real People

  1. Regardless of whether Onions and Bresnan succeed, I am in favour of the fact that the selectors have made a statement regarding the performance of players in the team. For too long we have relied on the same underachievers.

    I was especially delighted at the omission of Ian Bell, not due to any personal dislike, but because it would have been too soon to bring him back into the team.

  2. Amy says:

    Well, any English outfit is bound to fail, so they might as well go with this one, hey?

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