Is Arindam Ghosh The Fake IPL Player?

Arm Ball makes a compelling case, with evidence and all:

[The Fake IPL PLayer] mentions that he didn’t play the IPL season 1 and has been included in the team from season 2…He mentions that he is from Calcutta and has been brought up in the city of Joy…He is a BONG and has a lot of respect for Sourav, which is obvious. He says he made his debut last season…So if the fake IPL player if he has to be a KKR insider he has got to be Arindam Ghosh or it could be Shahrukh Khan himself.

There’s a lot of deduction and educated guesswork involved, but it’s a fair enough case. Not much info out there on Arindam Ghosh, but I’m sure some enterprising blogger will dig him out.

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