IPL Rich Bully Their Way Around South Africa

A brutally incisive report from Neil Manthorp in South Africa about the IPL’s “money talks” attitude:

The Rajasthan Royals, as one example amongst dozens, formed a “strategic alliance” with the Cape Cobras in Cape Town and asked for an office at Newlands for the fortnight before the tournament and then its duration. Within days, the IPL franchise had spread like bacteria in a petri-dish leaving local staff without a desk, literally. […]

The opening party at a lavish hotel in Cape Town’s Waterfront was one thing at a million dollars but the hiring of garish yellow Lamborghinis and gold Rolls Royces to transport people who call themselves ‘VIPs’ from hotels to cricket grounds does not sit easy in the South African conscience.

And what of the IPL’s education scholarships, cynically trumpeted during the blatantly commercial “strategy breaks”?

The entire education “scholarship” budget is, depending on which press release you read from which of the 100-plus PR people of the IPL, between R8 and R9 million…Roughly the same cost as the crayfish and champagne-laden launch party.


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