IPL Commentators Sell Out (2)

Gideon Haigh agrees with my take on the rampant commercialism of IPL commentators, and adds his diagnosis:

With Twenty20, however, there is the added imperative of promoting a format in which exorbitant sums and giddying hopes have been invested. The consumer has not just to be sold the game he is watching, but the Twenty20 concept in general; persuaded that he is witness not just to a contest of teams, but a contest of genres, with Modi responsible for the most exciting breakthrough since penicillin. It forces the commentator even further from the ideal perspective of disinterested critic, bringing to bear a weight of experience and a talent for observation; it reduces him to sideshow huckster, flogging the game like a patent medicine from the back of his covered wagon.


One thought on “IPL Commentators Sell Out (2)

  1. Tony T says:

    Sounds like Tony Grieg’s dream gig.

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