Baseball Tickets v. IPL Tickets

From The New York Times:

Under the plan [to reduce N.Y. Yankees ticket prices], those fans who bought front-row full season tickets in Legends Sections 15A, 15B, 24B and 25, which are behind the dugouts, will see their prices cut to $1,250 from $2,500, and will get refunds or credits.

Buyers of front-row full season-ticket plans in Sections 11, 12, 13, 27B, 28 and 29, along the foul lines, will see their prices cut to $650 from $1,000, and will get refunds or credits.

From some random blog I’ll assume is accurate:

The ticket rates for the matches are considerably very low this time.The IPL officialls have placed at a highly affordable rates. The lowest ticket cost Rs 70 (Indian rupees) and the highest ticket cost little more than Rs 1000.

Incidentally, this partly explains why IPL cricketers earn so much less than baseball players. First, the baseball season runs longer and is in a more lucrative market; second, franchise owners know they can recuperate salaries through unbelievably high ticket prices (I mean, come on! Over a $1,000 for a good seat? And this, after the discount? Who goes to these things?). Even lower priced tickets are more expensive: over $300 for grandstand seats; over $30 for terrace ones. Lalit Modi can only dream…


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