IPL Commentators Sell Out

I know it’s their job, and bills need to be paid, and blah blah, but I always cringe when I hear the IPL’s commentators call a six a “DLF maximum,” instead of, you know, a six. And I didn’t understand why they called a good fielding effort or a catch or a 50 a “Citi moment of success,” until I realized they were talking about soon-to-be-dead Citibank and not some random “city” (I know, I’m quite dense…or still too naive?). 

The worst offender has to be Mark Nicholas, whom I otherwise adore (“The swing works the oracle again!“). To hear the relish with which he says his product-riddled script is so embarassing, though I suppose he feels he’d sound even worse if he gave it a half-hearted effort. It’s still quite sad: I don’t understand what advertisers think they get out of such blatant attempts to commercialize language, but I suppose they’ve done their research, down to the logo-stained jerseys every player has to wear.


2 thoughts on “IPL Commentators Sell Out

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