IPL Website Down, Attitude Up

So much for the vaunted organizational skills. Can’t seem to access the IPL’s official website, which is “temporarily down,” my browser tells me. See: http://ipl.t20.com/

Also, Lawrence Booth had this interesting tidbit on Cricinfo’s Page 2:

As the South African journalist Neil Manthorp reports in his Supersport column, the Johannesburg cricket authorities were yesterday considering the possibility of withdrawing their ground from use for the duration of the IPL, so fed up have they become at the demands made of them.

The member of staff mentioned above is quoted as saying: “They can take their tournament somewhere else; they can hold the final somewhere else. Unless they change their attitude then I can’t see a way forward. They are renting our facility, not buying it. We have protocols which we respect and expect them to do likewise.”

Details, from Manthorp:

Modi also said that over 700 people were working full-time on the IPL. He was sitting next to Francois Pienaar and Etienne de Villiers when he said it, two marketing men who earn considerably more than the assistant ground staff at various venues around the country who have been forced to postpone their annual leave by more than a month with little or no compensation.

Every South African service supplier who has agreed to assist in staging the IPL has a similar story to tell. Being ‘squeezed’ to the point of distraction on cost, unintelligible contracts, ever changing demands and constantly moving goal posts. Eventually it just becomes too much. The Wanderers are not the first to withdraw their offer of services.

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