Kass Naidoo, Cricket’s Female Commentator

I see a lot of people are trying to find out the identity of South Africa’s (and the world’s, if I’m not mistaken) only female cricket commentator on television. I believe her name is Kass Naidoo. You can hear her talk during international cricket matches in South Africa, like the recent series against Australia. You can also find a profile and more information here.

UPDATE: Scratch that; her name is Claire Cowan. (Thanks, commenter.) Can’t find much info on her online (she may or may not be an ex-cricket player?), though Achettup from Short Of A Length isn’t impressed with her commentary:

The two women (aha shocked you didn’t I, you thought there was only one… so did I until I looked it up, they sound exactly the same and even worse seem to say exactly the same things), Claire Cowan and Natalie Germanos try a bit too hard to sound knowledgeable while desperately searching for some way to get their male counterparts to say something interesting. I don’t mind them too much, but I get the feeling that Bumble, Boycs and Chappel would make mince meat out of them.

4 thoughts on “Kass Naidoo, Cricket’s Female Commentator

  1. lisa says:

    The woman commentator during the Aussie-SA series was Clare Cowan, not Kass Naidoo.

  2. steve davies says:

    Not the first. Try Donna Symmonds, and believe me, nobody would make mincemeat out of her. She’s excellent.


  3. […] India. I have argued before that women should be allowed in cricket in other ways, as umpires and commentators (and not, say, as cheerleaders). Even as the authors of this article chart Ambani’s rise in […]

  4. Johnc552 says:

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