Michael Vaughan, For The Ashes

Forget endorsements for Andy Flower. The real debate is whether or not Michael Vaughan will get to play this summer against Australia in the Ashes (or ever, given the English weather of late). Lawrence Booth of The Guardian comes out in Vaughan’s favor:

You may think that picking a 34-year-old with a history of knee problems is hardly the definition of derring-do. But England, in their present state of mind, are not going to beat Australia, who have reacted with typical guts and gusto to their own crisis. They need to mix it up. And, short of recalling the injury-prone Simon Jones, their best means of unsettling the Aussies is to pick a man who has scored runs against them and, more crucially, outwitted Ricky Ponting (who, incidentally, is also 34). Vaughan is the closest thing England have got to a psychological edge over Australia (even Pietersen lost his 2005 aura by being part of the 5-0 whitewash last time round), and their most intuitive cricket brain since Brearley.

Now that I think about it, this isn’t the best endorsement ever written. Its reasoning basically amounts to, “Look how craaaazy we can be, Australians! We chose a near-senior citizen as our no. 3! Aren’t you really put off by our craaaaziness?” But, you know, it is well-written.

3 thoughts on “Michael Vaughan, For The Ashes

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