Which Players Will Do Well In South African IPL?

Left-arm Chinaman has a theory about the South African IPL edition:

If you are thinking about budgeting for the traditional power houses – Jayasuriya, Sehwag, Yuvraj and the like you might want to think again. While these players were massive hits in India in 2008, their records in SA are paltry when compared to their careers. Most sub continental batsmen struggle in SA so you will need to be wise in who you go for. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any good Asian players to pick from.

The Australians, South Africans and Kiwis will probably be stars at this year’s IPL because they are used to the conditions and play most of their cricket on similar wickets. All 3 teams are coming off good 2020 runs in the lead up as well.

I don’t agree: first, South African pitches have become much more “Asian” recently, as India’s tour of South Africa revealed. Second, a number of Indians played and won the Twenty20 world tournament when it was held in South Africa (as I recall, it was that victory that put the game on the map in India in the first place). Third, a number of teams have already arrived in South Africa, where they have been training. Enough time to adapt, no?


2 thoughts on “Which Players Will Do Well In South African IPL?

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