Nasser Hussain Picks Andy Flower; I Pick Nasser Hussain

Word from The Guardian is Nasser Hussain likes Andy Flower as England coach. I have a couple of reactions:

First, who cares? Endorsements for Flower keep trickling in, as if there’s some news value in them. But there clearly isn’t, because Andy Flower may be the only person left in the selection pool to begin with. Everyone’s making a big fuss and offering elaborate justifications — He knows how to bat! He has a working relationship with Strauss! He’s Zimbabwean!  — but it doesn’t matter: there’s no one else to pick! (No offense to Ashley Giles.)

Second, I’m not acquainted with the mysteries of human resources, but I’m fairly certain the employer picks the candidates, not vice versa. Every other serious candidate in the race has already dropped out, or is near there: Mickey Arthur, the guy who turned India down, two guys India turned down, and the guy who currently coaches India. What’s going on here?

Third: Why not Nasser Hussain? I know many people think he’s an idiot for a commentator, but I like him, and I liked what he did with England while he was captain. He seems to have a shrewd “cricketing brain,” as they say, and I think he knows enough of the men in the current squad to get along with them. What do people think?


One thought on “Nasser Hussain Picks Andy Flower; I Pick Nasser Hussain

  1. It clearly needs to be someone from a coaching background, not from the media.

    The fact there is no-one other than Flower shows the ECB head-hunting saga up for what it really was – a total nonsense. You or I could have written that shortlist on the back of a beer mat down the pub in about 10 minutes.

    And then they discovered that the only member of their precious shortlist who wanted the job was…the man who was doing it already. Outstanding.

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