Dhoni Rightly Justifies His Declaration

And he uses the same logic that I did in my previous post. That is, had they not scored the extra runs, they would have gone in with a different mindset that may not have allowed for as much attack as they needed. From Cricinfo:

“You can’t really bank on the weather,” Dhoni said. “What we were expecting was a minimum of 110 overs. But we didn’t even get that much. And it is about the mindset as well. When you have that extra 80-odd runs on the board, you can have those extra catching fielders hanging around for a longer duration of time.

“What we wanted to do in the second innings was to attack, attack and attack so that even if one ball goes in the air, you want a fielder to catch it. That’s only possible when you have the extra 70-80 runs. You don’t want to change your plan, whatever position you are in. With two days of play, we knew it may rain, but at that point of time, it was not certain. With the amount of wind that goes around, there was a very good chance that the clouds would have been blown away also.”


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