India’s Fielding Errors

How did New Zealand amass such a high score? Well, first, they had a few brilliant innings on a very helpful pitch. But second, India’s fielding errors didn’t hurt. From Cricinfo’s live commentary:

Taylor, on a duck:

Patel to Taylor, FOURdropped by Yuvraj at third slip. It kicked up from back of length outside off stump, Taylor pushed at it hard and the ball flew to the left of third slip. Yuvraj didn’t show the technique needed for a slipper, was late in leaning to his left, not well-balanced too and got his fingers to it

Taylor, on 73:

Harbhajan Singh to Taylor, no run, oh Karthik has dropped him! It was short and a tad wide and Taylor went for a cramped cut, getting a thin underedge which Karthik fluffs standing up to the stumps … it just went in and out .. what a clanger! Karthik has clearly not improved much since his travails in Sri Lanka last summer .. what will that cost India? Lets wait and see …

Taylor, on 84:

Yuvraj Singh to Taylor, FOURdropped by Rahul at slip. Very tough chance that. Taylor went for the cut to a ball which was not all that short and it flew to left of slip where Dravid dived but couldn’t hold on. These ones either get stuck or don’t. Taylor moves to 96 with that

Franklin, on 7:

Khan to Franklin, no run, dropped by Yuvraj at third slip. It was a back-of-length delivery straightening outside off, Franklin stabs it off the outer edge to right of Yuvi at a comfortable catchable height but he clangs it. Yuvraj doesn’t look too good at slips. He had dropped Taylor earlier and now this.

Vettori, on 36:

Sehwag to Vettori, no run, Dropped by Ishant at mid-off. Vettori stepped out to slice it to Ishant who crouches but makes a mess of it


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