True Hospitality, New Zealand Style

Over at 99.94, Rajesh Kannan makes a great point, contrasting the BCCI’s behavior with New Zealand’s exemplary hospitality:

I can’t end this preview without mentioning the New Zealand cricket board’s hospitality in allowing six of the Indian test playing squad to play in the domestic tourney. It’s an incredible gesture, and one that Vettori will probably curse if Dravid or Laxman grind them down, but no praise is high enough for the board. India have always started poorly on the road, and playing no practice matches in alien conditions is usually a recipe for disaster for India. You can’t but compare the New Zealand board with India’s own petty mandarins who insist on excommunicating every bacterium that has every been within a five mile radius of the ICL. Power does corrupt, and it’s an ugly sight to see the BCCI hypocritically treading down the same autocratic path it has decried in the past.

One thought on “True Hospitality, New Zealand Style

  1. Indian says:

    Being an Indian, I can say that the Indian board is acting immature and childish and flexing its muscle due to its economic poweress. I think they are acting like a bunch of bullies. They should learn from the New Zealand board.

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