Information on Duckworth-Lewis

It seems that the fault here isn’t with Duckworth or Lewis, but whoever’s in charge of reading the calculations (in this case, coach John Dyson). It’s not an impossible task; I recall M.S. Dhoni saying after one match (against England, appropriately enough) that he kept a look on the necessary scores during a chase because he knew rain was coming, and India went on to win the match. 

A Duckworth-Lewis calculator is available here; an explanation of the statistics behind the method can also be found via Wikipedia; a 1999 profile of Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis can also be found from the Independent. My favorite part:

“Indecipherable, one paper called [the Duckworth-Lewis method],” says Duckworth. “They spelt it wrong too. People call it a `whim’. We would like people at least to try to understand it before saying it’s incomprehensible. You don’t have to be particularly numerate, no more so than filling in a tax form which everyone has to do now. You don’t need a university degree and you don’t need to be computer literate.”


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