Duckworth-Lewis Strikes Again

Cricket’s so complicated, its players don’t even know who the winner is after a match. England and the West Indies were going down to the wire, when West Indies coach John Dyson apparently made a huge error while looking at the D-L charts. From Cricinfo’s live commentary:

West Indies are behind the Duckworth-Lewis score. We will try to keep you updated as often as possible. But hang on a minute, the coach John Dyson is beckoning them in as they’ve been offered the light. What is going on? Looks like Dyson might have read it wrong here – the players are coming off and West Indies touch gloves! By our calculations, this is a calamitous cock-up and the West Indies are one run behind – but they think they’ve won. Strauss thinks he’s won. Who has won? Stay with us!


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