V.V.S. Laxman Loses His Wicket

This is exactly what I meant in my previous post (and I take no joy in saying ‘I told you so’). Laxman played around for a bit, then got out.  India now find themselves in a little hole, having not rotated the strike.

81.2 Martin to Laxman, OUT, the new ball does the trick! Martin lands it outside off the ball holds its line, Laxman very lazily reaches out and pokes at the ball, the outside edge travels quickly to first slip and Taylor catches it as he falls to his left
VVS Laxman c Taylor b Martin 30 (107m 91b 4×4 0x6) SR: 32.96

Another reader argues that the Twenty20 has made us expect abnormally high run rates, but I disagree. I only expect a run rate over 3 when India is a) playing New Zealand; b) has wickets in hand; c) playing on a good batting pitch. Look, this is India’s chance to win a series in New Zealand after 40 years, and yet New Zealand seem to still be in it. Dominate already!

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