India’s Abysmal Scoring Rate

I don’t want to sound like one of those forever dissatisfied Indian fans — the ones, for instance, who complained about losing one match in the 5-match ODI series against New Zealand — but I’m not very happy with how quickly India are scoring their runs in this Test match. This came up on Cricinfo’s live commentary:

“So much time is being wasted by Sachin and Laxman. They being class player should have finished the score long back. Whats the problem, still 7 wickets remaining. Take on the bowlers,” asks Nil who sounds a bit impatient. Remember there are three whole days remaining in the game.

Well, yes and no. If this is a good batting pitch, as everyone agrees, it might be harder to bowle New Zealand out the second time. So, you want the most time you can get to do that and if India keep scoring at 3 runs an over, they won’t be able to declare early enough. This all assumes that they keep their wickets, which isn’t a foregone conclusion. The new ball is ready to be taken; Laxman or Tendulkar could get out, and before you know it, New Zealand will be more than happy with having restricted India and taken a few wickets.

Not that I care much for the Australian method, but there is something to be said for their exaggerated dominance; score 4 runs an over when you can and put the pressure on the other side. Now do it already!

(And I’m sure India will prove me wrong and win this Test, but if they draw…my word, if they draw this match, or even lose it, we’ll have this little passage of play to blame.)


One thought on “India’s Abysmal Scoring Rate

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