New Zealand Wins Final ODI, and Rightly So

A commenter on a previous post about the New Zealand-India ODI series expressed shock that India lost. He was apparently hoping for a whitewash series.

I can’t say I’m of the same opinion: for one thing, I think this New Zealand team is much better than people — or the rankings — give it credit for. It has a more than capable batting line-up, capable of fireworks, and it’s bowling department, while still sporting a “little train that could” quality, can at least apply pressure occasionally. 

For another thing, this was not an exciting series. I still think that low-score matches beat the run-fests that Twenty20 fixtures have made audiences expect. While there’s no denying the fun that a blitzing Sehwag can produce, it’s also not all that fulfilling somehow (unless, of course, you practice Sehwagology).


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