What Exactly Is A “Weather Guarantee”?

And why was the Sri Lankan cricket board expected to give one to the ICC for the Champions Trophy?

Cricinfo reports on the forever-roving search for a new tournament host:

“According to the ICC, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) were unable to provide a guarantee during a teleconference on Wednesday that there would be no rains in Colombo during the tournament which runs from September 24-October 5.”

Right — but did they have to go through this comical “guarantee” process? Couldn’t they — oh I don’t know — just have looked as seasonal patterns and talked to a weatherman?


2 thoughts on “What Exactly Is A “Weather Guarantee”?

  1. DNL22 says:

    Actually, they could have offered a weather guarantee to the ICC. The SLC could contact WeatherBill (www.weatherbill.com), an American company that sells weather contracts worldwide. The SLC could take out a contract from WeatherBill that pays out if it rains during the tournament. The SLC could use that money to assure the ICC that on the slim chance that it does rain, they will be able to compensate them with cash. In fact the SLC could use a weather guarantee precisely to make a case for why it is a safer (financial) bet to hold the event in Sri Lanka than elsewhere.

    • duckingbeamers says:

      No way! But would weatherbill.com really offer a weather guarantee? Wouldn’t they stand to lose money once it rained in Sri Lanka during the tournament?

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