Is Cricket and the IPL Recession-Proof?

The Economist weighs in on how cricket will fare in the worldwide recession:

Leading sports are, by and large, standing up to recession better than most. They have two advantages. It helps, first, to be able to sell broadcasters and sponsors what they crave in a world of myriad channels: lots of dedicated viewers…The other advantage is timing, which is just as important in the business of sport as it is on the field of play…The IPL, for instance, started out with a ten-year, $1 billion agreement.

Later in the article, one analyst said the IPL would survive any economic woes, but English county cricket may suffer more (different markets, different pressures).

Ajay Shankar had a more pessimistic take on the IPL’s economic status last month. He noted that a variety of sponsors were trying to renegotiate or even pull out of deals.

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