South Africa Set To Lose Against Australia

So disappointing. For a couple of reasons: first, this hasn’t (yet) been as enticingly close a series as the one just played in Australia. The first match was exciting — with swings and reverses for both teams — but the result was still one-sided. The second match, which may turn into something special depending on how “rocking” J.P. Duminy feels, looks to be a fairly done deal (I’m prepared to eat crow if a miracle happens).

The second reason, however, is the more painful one: what happens in this series will no doubt color what happened in the Australia series these two teams just played. I was only too happy to claim that Australia had finally been knocked off the top, but if Australia win now, my conclusion will be relatively baseless. The series South Africa won will then be seen as mostly a fluke, and if you look at the scorecards, it does look like that — chasing down 414 in the final innings? Dale Steyn hitting 76 runs? Whereas before, Australia looked listless and near the end of a very successful run, now they look evolved and a threat once again.



2 thoughts on “South Africa Set To Lose Against Australia

  1. […] have batted South Africa out of the match and series after the 3rd day and it would take an innings of Hanif Mohammed proportions from a South African batsman to save the […]

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