Was Australia Right Not to Tour Pakistan?

A few Australians are doing the I-told-you-so routine about their team’s decision not to tour Pakistan last year. Miss Field is having none of it:

Let’s stop thinking about ourselves for a second and look at this from a different angle…The Sri Lankans were brave to play in Pakistan. Sure, you could call them foolish, but that doesn’t mean they deserved this attack. On the flip side, I doubt they have the same ‘get-out-of-jail’ options available as countries like Australia and England.

Exactly. First, stop saying you made the right decision because it’s hugely insensitive at this point.

Second, whether or not the Australians were right is only part of the problem. I’m more concerned with the team’s projection of a hyper-masculinity that relies entirely on brawn, aggression, and being in opponents’ faces. Just because you get into fights at bars and drink copious amounts of alcohol, however, does not make you the man’s man.


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