Sri Lanka Team Attacked


Just found out via Cricinfo that the Sri Lankan team’s bus was attacked on its way to Gaddafi Stadium. Kumar Sangakarra might be among the injured. The Financial Times has a witness account:

A witness told Reuters he believed two police commandos were killed along with a regular policeman and a traffic warden. Shopkeeper Ahmed Ali said the two police commandos had been driving behind the team bus when they were hit.

The Twitter page on cricket can be found here. As of midnight, it was reporting that Chamina Vaas may be badly injured. Another post said that one Sri Lankan player was shot in the chest, and other in the leg. Twitter, however, must be read with caution.

Perhaps I was wrong to belittle the Australian team’s reluctance to tour Pakistan. Sorry.

3 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Team Attacked

  1. priya says:

    theres a new update that 8 policemen and 6 crickers are injured and in which 2 Are seriously injured

  2. Manish says:

    O world’s people, open your eyes, destroy terrorism otherwise it will destroy the whole world.

  3. kk kishore says:

    Pakistan must realise that the terrorists have no faith, no religion. They are against humanity. If they think that Pak can use them to their advantage , its a myth which is slowly proving to be wrong.

    There is a folk tale in India where gods grant boons to a demon called Bhasmasura.
    The demon starts attacking the gods being convinced of his invincibility !!

    This is in brief what is happening to The US and the Pakistan.

    Though i have a deep feeling of empathy to the citizens of pak. I do want to visit the cities of Pak esp Swat valley but i guess i wont have the previlege…. when i can’t even visit J&K which is in my own country!

    Citizens of Pak should now wake up!!

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