Is England Overrated?

Millions of IPL dollars aside, have we given too much credit to England recently? I know I have, but only because of the Ashes 2005 triumph. Say what you will, but I remember what it was like back then, when Australian hegemony looked to have no end in sight. To see these fellows actually beat the Aussies…well, claims of greatness were not completely undue, no?

But then Ashes 2007 happened, and then England lost, again and again, at home and abroad. Even after today’s languid performance in the West Indies — the West Indies! — I have to ask: is it time to give up on England? Ian Bell continues to disappoint, while Harmison has never been as threatening as he once was, and the same can be said of Panesar. So where does that leave us? Pietersen with the bat, Flintoff with the ball. Sorry, but that’s not a team — that’s an IPL auction.


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