Kevin Pietersen, Defeated

Have a look at the interview he gave to Sky News after he “resigned” his captaincy. It’s clear now that the whole problem arose when someone leaked his diagnosis that English cricket could not “move” forward with Peter Moores as coach. There’s an interesting moment here when the interviewer asks — for the third time, I think — whether Pietersen feels disappointed that “we” let you down. Pietersen replies — and rightly, I think  — that there’s no “we” and him, since he is English, and part of the ‘we.’

Which brings up a bigger point: to what extent did Pietersen’s outsider status — presumed, of course — hurt his captaincy? Had he not had that South African nationality hanging on him, would he have acted the same way? Woudl he even be such an interesting batsman?

Watch it here.

One thought on “Kevin Pietersen, Defeated

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