Monthly Archives: December 2008

Commentary Gripes

An unexpectedly exciting Test match currently unfolding in Madras, but not equally matched by the commentators, alas.

First, all of them insist that once the batsmen “get their eye in,” it becomes easier to score. Apart from the banality of such advice — what, would it get harder as batsmen spend more time at the crease? — it also does not match what happened in India’s first innings, when almost all the batsmen got out after getting starts.

Secondly, why do commentators offer the most stupid, expected diagnoses? Continue reading


Coming Up

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but the terror attacks in Bombay threw me off a bit. I haven’t lived there for more than a decade now, but I have family and many memories there. Regardless, I’m happy that England have decided to come back to tour India, even if I think that completely exposes the hypocrisy of their — and Australia’s — decision not to tour Pakistan. That aside, England deserve as much credit as anyone, even if the actual series is unlikely to spark anything in the public imagination. 

Then again, I wonder — is Test cricket the most appropriate response to terror? Continue reading