Accountability for Commentators

So, did people watch the 2nd ODI between England and India? Did anyone else notice how incredibly wrong the commentary team was, and how often they changed their predictions and tunes as the game went on? First, they predicted a 300-run pitch, only to reverse tunes in the preliminary overs, when India lost quick wickets and struggled on a “two-paced” pitch.

Then, Ian Botham and Sunil Gavaskar went on and on about Stuart Broad sharing the new ball; why wouldn’t you use Harmison or Flintoff, they charged, with all the certainty and annoying condescension that ex-players often show from the safety and luxury of their chilled commentary boxes. And what happened then? Three wickets, all for Stuart Broad. 


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2 thoughts on “Accountability for Commentators

  1. achettup says:

    I was actually quite surprised that Botham found nothing to whine about when Freddy was given out lbw. But honestly, they couldn’t have found a worse commentary team for a series, barring Lloyd its almost unbearable. Someone should find a babelfish for LSS since everything seems to go over his head, thats only if he actually listens to what his co-commentator is saying of course.

  2. Soulberry says:

    It is irritating and all the commentators are out of form including Bumble. Knight is forever morbid and sighing to himself, Ravi has lost “it”…Thorpe is the saving grace. Gooch should have been here. He was the best England commentator on India’s tour of England in 2007.

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