Some Unresolved Questions

1. What would have happened if Australia hadn’t turned to part-time bowlers after Tea on Day 4, when India were at 166-6? Would Harbhajan and Dhoni still been able to withstand the combined attacks of Shane Watson/Brett Lee/Mitchell Johnson? And, given that Australia were bowled out for 209, does it matter? Could India have won anyway, had their lead only been around 250? 

2. Who will replace Sourav Ganguly — Rohit Sharma, M. Vijay, S. Badrinath? How will the team composition change — will V.V.S. Laxman stay in the same position, or will he move higher and take Rahul Dravid’s spot at No. 3? 

3. When will the old Rahul Dravid return? Despite previous false dawns — a fifty here and there — Dravid has yet to measure up the stellar heights he reached in 2002, or even in 2006. How much time should India give him before it gently suggests he return to first-class cricket to sort his game out? Is that even an option for one of the Fab Four, or would it be considered a not-so-subtle push for retirement? Does that mean we just have to wait until Dravid figures his stuff out? 

4. Where does this leave Australia? Was this result merely the fault of some truly awful pitches, or was it something else? In other words, should we consider this a one-off, like Steve Waugh’s loss here in 2001, or is it a sign of deeper rot? 

5. Should we even bother watching India play England?


4 thoughts on “Some Unresolved Questions

  1. Soulberry says:

    I think we should bother watching India play England.

    For India they could pose tougher questions than Australia.

    Ponting had a massive brain-fart and it costs him a lot. There is an enquiry scheduled by CA.

    The rest will take care of themselves.

  2. Moses says:

    G’Day duckingbeamers, nice blog 😉

    1. Watson was on fire on Day 4, reversing it both ways.. though if you reverse a reverse is that just an outswinger? I’ve no doubt Ponting threw the match so he could play New Zealand.

    3. Time to drop Dravid for a spell, if he really wants to play he’ll earn his spot back from domestic performances. The presure has eased on him somewhat due to the rest of the team performing.

    4. For now we should consider it a one-off.. interesting times ahead.

    5. It’s all about the Ashes.. go India!

    Fancy a link swap to Beer and Sport ?

    btw I can’t click any of your front page links with Firefox 3.. could just be me though, back to IE for now.

  3. duckingbeamers says:

    Thanks for the post, Moses — I checked the blog on Firefox, and everything seems ok. Then again, I don’t know much about these types of things, so…

    And I’ll be happy to link to Beer and Sport. Swap away.

  4. beerandsport says:

    Hey DB, must have just been me cause it’s working today!

    Links is up now 😉

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