I Don’t Like Gavaskar Or Shiva

So both of them better stop commentating now! Does anyone feel like I do? I cannot stand how holier-than-thou Sunil Gavaskar sounds; he acts like — simply because of his magnificent record — he can lecture and holler at every single fault he sees in a cricket team. He especially gets angry when a batsman doesn’t GROUND HIS BAT across the crease line while running. (That will set him off talking about it for a good five minutes.) If there’s a fielding error, you can almost hear the disdain drip off Gavaskar’s lips; he acts as if the Indian team of the 1980s were paragons of on-field play. 

And as for Shiva, here’s my problem: he’s not a commentator; he’s an imitator. I’ve never heard the man say one original thing; it’s like every sentence he says must come out from some standard “commentary” textbook — “straight face of the bat”; “he takes the aerial route.” I just wish the man would actually discover that the language of cricket is quite bizarre at times, open to fun and creativity, and even a hint of emotion. Ugh — get him off the TV now!


One thought on “I Don’t Like Gavaskar Or Shiva

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