Gambhir’s Battles

When Gautam Gambhir first came onto the scene, I didn’t want anything to do with him. He was forever frustrating, always slashing outside his off-stump and losing his wicket in a way that suggested he was more a dolt than an intelligent team player. 

Of course, that was then. The man has changed. But he’s still quite fiery; out of all the new generation cricketers — Raina, Uthappa, Gambhir — he’s known for his on-field hot temper. If you want to see all the sledging antics on Day at Kotla, please head over to:

(Watch in particular as Katich stands literally in front of Gambhir and prevents him from trying to take a run. Of course, you can also watch as Gambhir fairly gratuitously knocks Watson with his left elbow, and then fails to apologize. I don’t like either Watson or Katich, so I’ll forgive him this time.)

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One thought on “Gambhir’s Battles

  1. Kerry says:

    well you are letting your dislike cloud commonsense and logic, if you want gambhir to be respected then he needs also to act accordingly, too easy to blame others for what your own do, but gambhir was video in the 2nd test mohali handing out verbal abuse inclusive of swearing, and what was his excuse when he did the same to alfridi. no amount or words can justify or excuse his contact made to watson. If he cannot control his violent outbursts then he needs to be put out of the game, no other cricketer has ever done this only him and guess what he is Indian so far as I can see India is not better than the others they whine about. If Australia give it, they take it, but that applies to India as well they want to bully and verbal then they get back the same. but don’t come on with the attitude it was everyone else’s fault, take responsibility for ones own actions.

    India are poor losers and very poor winners also. learn what gracious means and apply it.

    India where the better team in this series but doesn’t mean that they can be all of the time.

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