An Australian Batting Collapse

Fall of wickets1-49 (Hayden, 7.2 ov)2-50 (Katich, 7.6 ov)3-52 (Hussey, 9.5 ov)4-52 (Ponting, 10.2 ov),5-58 (Watson, 16.3 ov)

Simply unbelievable: they look like a fragile Indian lineup from the 1990s. There’s one crucial difference though: Indians, when they collapse, look like a pack of cards. These guys — at least until Ponting’s wicket -acted like they were still on top of the world. But when confidence isn’t matched with ability, it’s called hubris. And it’s really embarrassing.


One thought on “An Australian Batting Collapse

  1. […] 5 wickets in the first innings, and Harbhajan took 2 wickets in his first over today, triggering a top-order collapse from the tourists. The absence of an experienced spinner, one of the few chinks in Australia’s armour, is […]

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