Coming To Ducking Beamers: A Preview

I have more post ideas than actual posts, which frustrates me to no end. I’m not made for the blogging world; I procrastinate and hedge and haw, so that even when I finally get around to writing something, it’s way over 1,000 words.

But just to keep you interested (if you were to begin with), right now, I’m working on a few things:

1) Esquire, a classy American magazine, recently ran a photoshoot involving upper-class cricket chic. That brings out a bunch of issues on race and class, and why cricket supposedly never took off this side of the Atlantic pond. We’ll talk abou that.

2) Zimbabwe and BCCI: I know no one likes to talk about politics, especially when some far-away nation that no one cares about is the politics in question. Still, I can’t resist: the BCCI’s stance has been absolutely horrifying, further testament to the argument that the BCCI only cares for itself and the amount of money it can milk out of this game before Armaggedon arrives. We’ll talk about why cricket and politics mix, and why India — a country whose government banned it from playing cricket with Pakistan for nearly a decade — should understand this more than anything.

3) Beyond A Boundary: I finally got my hands on a copy of this CJR James masterpiece. Now, a lot of cricket fans talk about this book like it’s the game’s Bible, and having read only the preface, I think I agree. He takes a very frank and academic look at the game’s construction, that is, its racial and class issues, as well as its appearance and local appropriation. I’m going to tie this in with the recent West Indian crowd trouble, which peeved Ricky Ponting to no end. Just to give you a preview: I love pitch invasions.

4) And finally, England and South Africa take each other on soon. I cannot wait: are England finally up to scratch? Can their pace attack finally put to rest dreams and fantasies of a Fab Four return (Flintoff’s raring to go; Harmison’s picking up speed; Simon “Five-For” Jones has new knees, and Hoggard — well, he’s around)? And what about their ever-frail batting? Can they finally prove that the Adelaide nightmares are wiped away?

So look out, and come back frequently. I promise excellent wares.


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