Warne Throws Ganguly a Flipper

I’ll have more to write about Shane Warne’s prodigious skills later, but he can talk a good game as well. Have a look at him lay his case against the ex-Indian captain:

This isn’t the first time that Ganguly has questioned a catch (he stood his ground against Ricky Ponting during that horrible Sydney Test), but the rules are apparently clear: you cannot ask an umpire to refer a catch upstairs; the umpire must make that decision himself. (Warne slips up a bit when he says that the “Indian umpire” caved; I’m not sure his ethnic background had anything to do with his decision.)

Here’s the catch in question, which looks good to me:

And finally, just note that once-favorites Kolkata has now lost three matches in a row, while Rajasthan hasn’t lost one since its first match. It’s a topsy-turvy world, this Twenty20.

For brief highlights of the match, watch below. The commentators are absolutely horrible and at a total loss for what they’re seeing: disorganized, inarticulate, and not at all informative.


One thought on “Warne Throws Ganguly a Flipper

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