IPL Roundups

I’m just about to go on a weekend break in the city, but I wouldn’t leave without first giving out a few hat-tips. In case you’re, say, not in India and haven’t subscribed to some ridiculously expensive cable package deal and can’t find news because of the news agency boycott — whew! — don’t sweat! Ducking Beamers can tell you where to go (other than here, of course) to get the latest:


Three great channels are updating their video list regularly:

1. CriconlineTV has the 4-minute brief highlights (in other words, 5 of the 1,200 boundaries hit during a match), but isn’t stingy with the great moments either, like Shane Warne‘s clubbing of Andrew Symonds or Virender Sehwag‘s, um, clubbing of Andrew Symonds. (Watch as Yusuf Pathan practically begs Warne to bless him after the match against the Deccan Chargers.)

2. Bhejafry1 isn’t as organized, but includes the presentation ceremonies and post-match interviews, which can be more than the dreary affairs they usually are (if you’re just fanatical enough about this sport).

3. ecricTV has the opening ceremony, acrobats, singers, and speech after speech after speech. Can’t find the “let there be light” toss ceremony, though.


With a match or scheduled everyday, and each time not yet with a singular identity, things might get confusing without television access. Deccan Chargers merge with Mumbai Indians, and don’t even get me started on the constitutional difference between kings and super-kings (I think only the latter has the Pope’s blessing). Head over to Cricket & More for a regularly updated points table, and find out just how stupid those auctioneers really were. Oh, Chargers, whatever will we do with you?


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